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Australia Robotic eBay and Amazon Import Warranty.

Buying from eBay or Amazon can be an attractive option, but does have a major drawback that there is little or no support, and no warranty. Shipping the item back overseas and back again is an expensive exercise.

Warranty and support for robots bought from eBay or Amazon can be bought from Australia Robotic. The warranty will start from the day of purchase and a copy of the receipt will need to be emailed to You must buy the warranty before taking delivery of the item.

Warranty and support cover can be bought for the following models;

  • iRobot Roomba 980
  • iRobot Roomba 880
  • iRobot Roomba 860
  • Neato Botvac BV80
  • Neato Botvac BV70
  • Neato Botvac D85
  • Neato Botvac D75
  • Neato Connected
  • Neato D3
  • Neato D5
  • Neato D7

Australia Robotic Warranty

1. When can I purchase the warranty?

Warranty available from Australia Robotic website.

2. Protection

The type of faults we will cover is limited to the type of electrical, electronic and mechanical

faults protected under the product’s manufacturer’s warranty. Under this Import Warranty

we will protect you for the repair of these faults for the duration of the Import Warranty


4. Freight

Where a warranted item requires servicing, freight both to and from Australia Robotic are the responsibility of the owner.

5. Commercial use

Import warranty does not cover products used for commercial use.

Claims Procedure

What do I do if the product breaks down?

Conduct a basic check of the item i.e. is it plugged in or does it require new batteries. It is also a good idea to check your manufacturer’s instruction booklet.

If the problem still persists follow our simple claims procedure to make a claim under your Import Warranty plan.

Claims Procedure

Please e-mail us at including your name and Australia Robotic purchase invoice number if you have it, with a description of the problem.

Australia Robotic Import Warranty

To avoid doubt, your Import Warranty does not protect against the following;

1. Costs associated with freight, transportation or delivery for warranted items.

2. Costs associated with installation, dismantling, or re-installation of the warranted item.

3. Cosmetic or physical damage.

4. Accidental or malicious damage, misuse, negligence or faults caused by a failure to provide routine maintenance.

5. Faults that have resulted from wear and tear, including rusting, corrosion, dirt, moisture or mould.

6. Costs associated with routine maintenance and servicing such as cleaning, adjustments, lubrication, alignments, reprogramming, tuning or upgrades.

7. Screen burn, fade from sunlight or finger prints on LCD or alike displays

8. Damage to, or caused by, software.

9. Consequential loss or damage of any kind.

10. Consumables such as: user replaceable batteries, brushes, filters and alike.

11. Accessories such as: Lighthouses, Batteries, Virtual Walls, Power Supplies, Remote Controls, Water Tanks, Wheels, Wheel Bearings, Gears, Drive Gears and Perimeter wire.

11a. Power supplies and base stations.

12. Any fault that would not have been covered by the original manufactures warranty.

13. Repairs that have been organised without following the claims procedure listed in this document.

14. Repairs carried out by repair agents that are not authorised by us.

15. In the event that parts are not available or discontinued from the original manufacturer Australia Robotic will refund the cost of the Import Warranty on a prorated basis.

16. We always try to complete repairs in the shortest amount of time possible, however, we are not responsible for delays caused by factors beyond our control such as manufacturer delays in supplying parts.

19. Import warranty applies to one unit. Units bought as packages or multiple of the same unit would need a separate extended warranty bought for each unit.

20. The Import Warranty will cover one repair of the same problem during the extended warranty period.

21. The Import warranty is not refundable, besides as stated in clause 15

22. Australia Robotic reserves the right to update the Import warranty policies.

If you have any questions please contact us here