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Dyson Stick Vacuum Battery and Filter

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Product Description

Dyson Stick Vac Replacement Battery and Filter

This is the best Dyson replacement battery we have tested, we don’t recommend cheap aftermarket batteries, they don’t last and some have caused the Dyson to go into charging errors.

There are some very cheap batteries available, mostly on ebay, just beware, when it comes to batteries is certainly a case of buy it cheap, buy it twice.

The ANEWPOW Li-ion battery is a environmentally friendly, long lasting battery for the Dyson Stick Vac.


  • Safeguarded built-in-smart charging CC, CV circuit
  • Built-in over protection circuits provide safety and reliability
  • Patent Battery Managment System for expanded battery life
  • Lithium Ion 2000mAh
  • No memory effect
  • One year warranty


  • DC58
  • DC59
  • DC61
  • DC62
  • DC72
  • DC74
  • V6
  • SV03
  • SV07
  • SV094

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2 reviews for Dyson Stick Vacuum Battery and Filter

  1. Carol G

    I have dealt with this company for a number of years now. They are super efficient and my goods have always arrived as advertised and in a short space of time. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting peace of mind when purchasing robots or spare parts.

  2. ABthree

    This is the third battery for my four year old Roomba 570 and the last one (NiMH from iRobot) failed in nine months and wouldn’t respond to the reset procedure, so I was ready to try lithium technology. So far, so good. After charging overnight, my Roomba runs like new, and runs even longer than it did as new. In fact, it seems to be running even better — a little stronger, a little faster — than new. Too early to tell about life expectancy yet, but given the nature of the technology, I have high hopes.

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