Ecovacs DEEBOT-900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Used

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Ecovacs DEEBOT-900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Used

  • Works fine, as is.
  • 30 Day Warranty
    The Ecovacs Deebot Robot Vacuum provides effective cleaning, adjusted and optimised for your home. Creating an accurate virtual map of your home, the laser navigation functionality allows the Deebot to find the ideal cleaning route. Depending on your vacuuming needs, you can adjust the cleaning performance of your Deebot with two different suction methods, a main brush and interchangeable direct suction inlet. The direct inlet is optimal for cleaning up hair and fine fibre without the risk of brush-roll tangling.

    This pairs with selective cleaning modes helping you to achieve an optimum clean across a variety of messes and floor types. With a total battery life of 1.6 hours, the Deebot will return to the charging dock when it’s low on power, resuming from where it last cleaned after recharging. Operating at 67.5 decibels, the Deebot will vacuum your home at a volume lower than a standard home conversation.

    Smart Navi Technology

    Analysing the environment with laser-based navigation, this robot vacuum can create a virtual map, helping to navigate around the home. You can even establish no-go zones and prioritised areas which the Smart Navi technology will follow.


    Control your robot vacuum on the go with the ECOVACS app allowing you to schedule cleaning times, specify rooms to clean, set different modes, and monitor the status of the clean.

    Max Mode

    Enhance the performance of your robot vacuum on carpets and rugs with the Max Mode. Bolstering suction power, Max Mode allows for deep cleaning and extraction of debris and dirt from within the fibres.

    OTA Updates

    Optimising your robot vacuum to stay performing at its best, firmware updates and new features will be easily installed via

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