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Neato D3 Connected
  • No Go Area Function
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum
  • Combo Brush
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Extensive Smart Home Support
  • Cleaning Summary with Coverage Maps
  • Runs for up to 60 min on single charge
  • One Year Warranty

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What's in the Box:

- 1 x Neato Botvac D3
- 1 x Integrated Charge Base
- 1 x Power Cord
- 1 x Combo Brush
- 1 x Filter

We got this 4 days ago. We don't have kids, no pets and the wife has short hair, so our house is fairly clean. WE do have a 4 bedroom house, carpet and tiles on one level. The Botvac DC00 completes the whole house in 4 hours on ECO mode, requiring a charge after 110 minutes. When the house is finished, the map is updated on my phone to show where it has done. The map is fairly accurate and a good feature. I haven't received any notifications yet, maybe its me!
It can be started from your phone, if you are at the pub or somewhere.
Seems to clean well, Not as good as a 240 volt vac cleaner of coarse.
The bin is not huge so I clean it and the filter when it goes back for a charge. Also it has found the charger base on every occasion so far.
Fairly easy to set up to wifi, can't get into too much strife.
Gave it 4 stars because there is always room for improvement with anything!
My problems are 1, that the filter is not washable and I can see this clogging within a month, and 2, it does bump its way around a bit and its not real elegant getting out of corners. Seems to be smart enough to NOT go back to places where it has been stuck, like under the bed.
I love the way it first does a 4 meter by 4 meter perimeter and then fills it in, then progresses to the next 4 meter section. It may do half the kitchen and half the dinning room as part of its 4 meter square for example, the remainder is always completed at some stage in the two outings it has that day. It also returns to where it ran out of power after receiving a top up charge to 80% and completes the job. House is completed with 50% of this charge remaining.
So far we are happy. I have it scheduled for 3 cleaning days a week, should be enough to maintain our house.
Fantastic unit..thanks
I did a lot of research before I decided on buying the Neato Botvac connected. It is a fantastic unit. I can honestly say I don't vacuum anymore. We have a lot of tiles space but the Neato works very well on carpet and on our shaggy wool rug. It is quite determined to get the job done under dining chairs and around every surface it can reach. It also does a great job with our cat hair. We have a large area to vacuum and I must say, it doesn't skip a beat. It has gotten lost once or twice and it asks for help but in months of regular use, 2 out of lots of use isn't bad. Don't look elsewhere, you won't regret the Neato Botvac connected. It really is a vacuum cleaner and not just a sweeper.
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Here is the link to the comparison chart for the Neato Botvac models Comparison Chart

Neato vs. Roomba

Neato vacuums have some very good features over iRobot Roomba.

  • Botvac will map a house, vacuum until the battery needs recharging then will carry on from where it left off, Roomba's don't do this, giving the Botvac a much larger working area than Roomba
  • Stronger vacuum motor
  • Larger filter than Roomba's
  • Larger Dust Bin then Roomba's
  • Upgradable Software
  • Lower running costs than Roomba
Destination: Coomera

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