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If you have any service questions about your iRobot Roomba, Neato robot or Ambrogio lawn mower, please contact us HERE.

  • For units bought from Australia Robotic please supply us with the order number or name.
  • We will also service units not bought from Australia Robotic.
  • Base labor rate is $65/hr minimum 1 hour
  • We are happy to help with any technical questions, please contact us by e-mail [email protected], please do not call asking for technical help, we cannot diagnose problems over the phone.

We service Roomba and Neato in Australia we offer a service package were we send a box and a pre-paid return label to make getting your robot fixed as easy as possible. Here is the link to the repair service, Repair Service

Uncollected Goods

The Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1967 cover inspection, custody, storage, repair and other treatment of goods. Under this Act, uncollected goods may be sold six months after the date on which they were ready for collection.

A storage charge of $5 per day may apply to uncollected goods 7 days after notification on quote or invoice.


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